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What is IT Virtualisation?


Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual version of an IT resource rather than having to have a physical instance. This can include servers, operating systems, desktops, or software applications. The benefits typically include greater utilisation of the underlying physical resources, easier scalability, and reduced support and maintenance costs.





Virtual servers are created which can then be used to run specific software applications. Multiple virtual servers can be run on each underlying physical computer. It is easy to start up new virtual machines if for example extra capacity is required or to move virtual machines if the physical server fails.


This is where individual applications are setup to run in their own dedicated virtual environment within a single operating system. This enables multiple applications to run on the same physical machine even where there are co-existence issues with the applications. For example when needing to run two versions of Internet Explorer.


This is where the desktop software runs on a centralised server rather than on the end user’s device. The user’s device is purely used for input and display with all processing done on the server. This reduces the hardware specification for the end user devices, and reduces the support and administration costs of the desktop estate. Examples include solutions from Citrix, Microsoft and others.

Centerprise can offer complete solutions on all 3 types of Virtualisation in an unlimited number of variations that would be designed directly to align with your business goals.

Would you like to Virtualise your  IT? Please get in touch about our Services. One of our helpful staff members will be happy to take your call and discuss your requirements.

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