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FAQs | Can I have Multi-Tenancy with PaaS?

Centerprise’s iPaaS provides application level container isolation whilst being able to run multiple environments in a single server, providing all the benefits of multi-tenancy without the risks.


As seen above, the management of environments, as they scale, is significantly reduced over VPS also.


But PaaS also offers at least a 30% improvement in density over VPS solutions because application environments (containers) can auto-scale within a server for a couple of important reasons.


First, VPS environments are almost always over-provisioned to allow for scalability without complex reconfiguration, significantly impacting the density of applications on a server. PaaS’s auto-scaling features mean that over-provisioning can be minimized or even eliminated since application environments dynamically scale up and down using only the resources they need.  Applications that are not in use can even hibernate and release all the server resources back into the pool.

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Second, PaaS provides the ability for applications to be migrated to a different server without downtime. This ‘live migration’ provides the ability for popular applications to scale vertically while moving other applications to a different server in the pool.


Improved application density provides the service provider with better return on investment. But these features also improve scalability, security and reduce management of customer environments.


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