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Deployment, Management and authentication are the 3 key words for the successfully implementation of Apple into Active Directory.


If not integrated correct the followings symptoms will be apparent:


Some users get blocked at the first step and Mac OS X refuses to grant them access to the computer, advising that the users home directory cannot be located.


Were not just talking about video editing and graphic design programs. Most applications are affected by this issue which typically leads to classes failing to start, crashing applications and lost students work.


In addition to application performance, the Finder,

Simple tasks such as opening a “save as…” dialog can cause the system to freeze, resulting in more lost time.

No “one size fits all” - Our solution addresses the issues raised above a provides to provide:


  • Fast, reliable and consistent Network logins
  • The user’s network home needs available on the desktop (not just the share that contains the home folder).
  • Network home derived from any specified data stored in AD, not just the SMB Home attribute
  • Users files synchronised at login, during use and at logout (reliably).
  • Sync failures automatically reported to the I.T. team.
  • When the workstations hard drives start to fill up, the I.T. team are automatically notified.

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