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We understand the challenges facing the senior leadership teams in managing ICT budgets, and the growing demands to introduce a 1:1 or Bring your own device (BYOD) environment, and have some compelling solutions to support these requirements.



  • reduce the financial burden of ICT transition
  • deliver the lowest total cost of ownership
  • maintain access to the latest technologies
  • simplify ICT budget forecasting – flatten expenditure
  • mitigate the risk of ICT disposal / support Green ICT (and drive down energy costs)


Operating Leases help Schools benefit from a significantly lower capital outlay, enabling the School to either:


  1. Preserve your cash position rather than acquiring fast depreciating assets; or
  2. Assign the cash to fund capital intensive projects that develop the School’s wider facilities/infrastructure and further enhance the student/staff experience


We have seen the increase in the number of schools offering Parental contributions for 1:1 schemes, and the additional workload and administrations costs placed on the school. We can negate these additional costs and workload and run a parental 1:1 program for you. We will;


  • Manages all the parental donations and deals with their queries
  • Makes the tax relief claim and shares any Gift Aid claimable with the school
  • Collect parental donations and handle queries from parents
  • Make Gift Aid claims from the Inland Revenue


With a 1:1 program we can offer theft and accidental damage re-instatement with no excess charges against claims.

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