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With cloud computing increasing demand to deliver network access to any device, anywhere and all the time, having the right network, physical, virtual or wireless with the right levels of secure access is core to enabling the ICT infrastructure.


Our Networking solutions cover all networking requirements from the data centre through to the device, enabling you to access and deliver data and applications where it needs to be in a secure and reliable fashion. We understand a complex network infrastructure which has grown organically is often not taken into account by users at the school. By working with leading vendors we deliver complete solutions to meet all of your school’s needs.


We provide core and edge LAN technologies that cover physical, blade and virtual server technologies - in addition to working with leading WAN providers for a complete core networking infrastructure.


Wireless networks are everywhere and can provide many benefits, apart from removal of cabling and the ability to be on the network where ever you are in a building.


Server infrastructure is the heart of any ICT solution. We Design server infrastructures to seamlessly integrate with products on a multi-layer platform supporting the integration of technologies such as traditional desktop and laptop PCs as well as innovative solutions such as iOS, and Android mobile devices.


Our server Infrastructures are designed to provide resiliency and scalability to support all aspects of learning, teaching, administration and management, careful consideration is given to the following Key Areas


  • Standardisation – the solution uses industry standard technologies.


  • Single Points of Failure - the solution has been designed with no single points of failure.


  • Performance - the solution has designed to provide optimal performance, anytime, anywhere


  • Scalability - the solution has been designed to scale easily and cost-effectively.


  • Ease-Of-Management - the solution has been designed to be simple to manage and easy to use.


  • High availability - replication and failover


  • Energy efficient - optimising performance vs. power consumption to save you money

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