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Centerprise are accredited on many public sector frameworks, ready to work with you.


As many are aware, these frameworks are set up to ensure peace of mind when calibrating your mini tender, or if you are looking to acquire a quote and buy directly. The vetting processes are thorough, reviewing the companies procedures, Accreditations and overall quality of workmanship and value. These frameworks ensure you are looking in the right places for the services or products that you buy. Please see below for the frameworks we are currently listed on. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Current Popular Frameworks:

Pan Government Frameworks

  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM1054 Technology Products


This framework agreement caters for customer estates of all sizes, providing IT services as part of a managed service.


  • Lot 1: Technology Hardware

This Lot targets Value Added Resellers (VAR) to provide a wide range of vendor-neutral end user devices, other hardware such as Audio-Visual, network infrastructure equipment and peripherals and close to the box services.


  • Lot 3: Secure Technology Products and Disposals

This Lot is for the provision of a wide range of hardware and software commodity items and solutions.  Additional requirements include audio-visual solutions and secure destruction and disposal services. The main proviso for the product and solutions is to provide Information Assurance enforcing and/or relevant functionality.


  • Lot 4: User Devices

This Lot seeks the provision of client user devices (any form factor) that will include (but not be limited to) desktop bundles, laptops, tablet/slates, thin-client devices and hybrid devices. There will be minimal service requirements within this Lot including delivery fulfilment and/or services that can be delivered during the commodity build process.

  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM717


This framework agreement caters for customer estates of all sizes, providing IT services as part of a managed service.


Managed ICT estates services (including the management of servers, desktop and laptop PCs, mobile computing devices and peripherals) allows you to manage all aspects of your computer estate including monitoring, reviewing and refreshing of infrastructure to ensure compatibility with all hardware and software.


  • Business continuity/disaster recovery services.
  • Data centre provision.
  • Managed data hosting services for end user applications and data on a host’s servers removing the need to manage your own network and applications. All applications and data are on the host’s servers and accessed via the internet from any location, at any time, using any type of computer internet access device.
  • Network services as part of an overall managed service.
  • Systems integration delivered as part of an overall managed service.
  • Print services as part of an overall managed service.
  • Maintenance contracts – third party maintenance contracts/maintenance of hardware and software as part of a managed service.
  • Remote access services (hardware and software) to enable users to connect to tools or information that reside on a network of IT devices.
  • IT service desk facilities – on site/remote service desk support.
  • Asset management services to keep inventory of hardware and software assets and licenses.
  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS) G-Cloud 6 & 7 Framework RM1557iv


G-Cloud 6 & 7 frameworks allow you to choose and purchase cloud services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. Centerprise have approved services on the following lots.

Lot 1: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Lot 2: Platforms as a Service (PaaS)

Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services

Education Sector Frameworks

  • London ICT Framework for Education, LIFE 2014


 This framework if for the London Borough of Lewisham and provides ICT covering design, specification, hardware supply, integration, implementation, testing, training, support and maintenance. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:


  • Lot 1 - Network server solutions and services
  • Lot 4 - Hardware, devices and peripherals
  • Lot 6 - Training and consultancy for ICT related services and supplies
  • ICT Services for Education RM1050 Framework


This new agreement provides customers with the capability to obtain ICT goods and services tailored for the specific needs of a diverse range of educational establishments.


The scope covers the full range of ICT goods, services and solutions operated by educational institutions including design, specification, supply, integration, implementation and testing, training, and support and maintenance (either all together as a packaged solution or in any combination required by customers).


The framework is comprised of a single lot of suppliers providing a range of ICT products and service supply.


  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium: Desktop Hardware and Peripherals


Ranges of Desktops PC Solutions (Including monitors, keyboards, mice etc) Thin Clients, Inclusive of Installation Services, Maintenance Services, Training & Support.


  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Netbooks
  • PDA's & Mobile Internet Devices (and other related products)
  • Maintenance & Installation Services


  • Lot 2 - Enterprise Storage
  • Lot 3 - Backup & Archiving
  • Lot 5 - Security Hardware
  • Lot 6 - Maintenance, Installation & Support
  • Staffordshire County Council ICT for Education Framework PC334


ICT Equipment and Communications, Hardware and Services for schools.

Healthcare Sector Frameworks

  • NHS - NoE CPC / SBSICT Framework : LINK-IT Hardware & Services And Link: Solutions IT


  • Lot 4 - Specialist Healthcare IT Hardware
  • Lot 9 - Third Party Warranty
  • Lot 10 - ONE Stop Shop
  • Reference: NHS/16/CR/WAB/8723
  • One-stop-shop for solutions including but not limited to Storage, Networking, Servers and related products and services, Third party software and Managed services.

    NHS Purchasing Organisations, North of England NHS Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) and NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS).


    Framework for the purchase or rental of desktop PCs, notebooks, tablet/slates and bedside computers and associated warranty, maintenance, peripherals and entertainment services.


    • Lot 3 - Slates and Tablets.
    • Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM1058


    The single point of contact between a service provider and users within an organisation. A typical service desk manages Incidents and service requests, and also handles communication with the users. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:


    • Lot 1 - Help desk/Service desk
    • Lot 2 - Desktop Support
    • Lot 3 - Network Management
    • Lot 4 - Network and content security
    • Lot 5 - Infrastructure and platform, maintenance and support
    • Lot 7 - IT Infrastructure Transition Services and Delivery
    • Lot 8 - Service Integration/Service Integrator
    • Lot 9 - Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity
    • Lot 10 - Back up and Data Services
    • Lot 11 - Asset Disposal

    Welsh Frameworks

    • National Procurement Service (NPS) IT Products and Services Agreement


    The framework was directly set up by the NPS to provide value for money in the procurement of a range of IT products, from common of the shelf (COTS) software to audio visual solutions. Ci were awarded the most lots out of the total number of companies who tendered. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:


    • Lot 1: Desktop Software and Associated Products and Services
    • Lot 4: End User Hardware and Associated Product and Services
    • Lot 7: Network Equipment and Associated Product and Services
    • Lot 9a: Audio Visual Equipment and Associated Products and Services (South Wales)
    • Lot 9b: Audio Visual Equipment and Associated Products and Services (Mid and West Wales)
    • Lot 9c: Audio Visual Equipment and Associated Products and Services (North Wales)
    • Lot 10: Education End User Devices and Associated Services
    • Lot 11: Peripherals and Ancillary Products

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