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G Cloud 6 & 7 IT Managed Services


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Dell Document Hub as a Service


Centerprise provides access to Dell Document Hub. This cloud access service allows easier collaboration with colleagues by saving documents to a number of cloud based storage applications. Boosting workplace efficiency and making hard copy content ready for digital collaboration.


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Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Organisations are moving away from traditional virtualisation solutions and transitioning into the cloud. As software development in the enterprise becomes more agile, there is an equivalent demand on IT to provide an infrastructure that is responsive, scalable, highly available and secure.

IT departments are responding with private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions that provide IT-as-a-Service, a utility approach that delivers an agile infrastructure to the user community, with ultimate control for administrators but self-management for developers and users where appropriate.


The promise of the cloud was: simplicity, scalability, availability and reduced operating cost. However, enterprises are quickly finding that current large-scale cloud implementations are often complicated and expensive, often requiring the help of third party integrators. It’s time to do this with a cloud solution that delivers on the promise of cloud - Centerprise’s innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS).


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Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS)


The Enterprise Mobility Suite is a fully dynamic and device inter-operable mobility solution. It is available at OFFICIAL making it suitable for use in the Public Sector and other secure sectors such as the Finance or Healthcare Sector. Among other features, this enables us to protect your data by temporarily or permanently disabling a

device should it be compromised in any way. This fully managed service allows customers to embrace the enhanced productivity and convenience made possible through mobility, without compromising on device functionality or information security.


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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)


Centerprise’s Unified Communications as a Service provides a full, feature rich and truly smart communication platform. UCaaS is designed to support the growing requirement of flexible working. It enables employees to communicate with colleagues and federate with customers and partners. This can be done anywhere, at any time, via web, audio and video on a wide range of devices.

As with MDMaaS, this fully managed service allows customers to embrace the enhanced productivity and convenience made possible through mobility whilst expanding your communicative reach into several different synchronised applications.


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Service Desk as a Service (SDaaS)


Our Service Desk offering enables customers to fully or partially outsource the management of their IT services. Centerprise’s cloud-based Service Management Toolset (SMTS) and 24 x 7 ITIL-compliant Service Desk allows us to offer our customers a portfolio of service management solutions ranging from first contact Incident Management, proactive Performance Management through to a comprehensive suite.

Our SMTS provides customers with the opportunity to retain full visibility of the availability and performance of their services thus enabling them to retain an active role in overseeing their service delivery.


Alternatively we can provide customers with customised reporting, to allow them to take a more passive role in service management but remain fully apprised of how their services and service providers are performing.


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Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS)


Centerprise’s cloud-based Video Conferencing service, Mix Connect, provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-premise video conferencing solutions. This highly secure service offers value for money, scalability and interoperability.

It is hardware agnostic and therefore fully compatible with all end-point devices and TelePresence CTS units. This truly interoperable solution enables customers to seek a return on previous investment through the re-use of existing devices, whilst enjoying the benefits of a fully managed cloud-based offering. The service management of this innovative, industry leading video conferencing capability is provided by Centerprise’s 24 x 7 fully ITIL-compliant Service Desk.


Our solution is truly best in class and provides customers a flexible service that can be scaled up or down when needed to dynamically meet user demand.


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Protecting Your Organisation With Cloud-based IT Services


Hosting your IT services in the Cloud is a great way to protect them in various ways. You'll protect your investment, by outsourcing hardware to those who will regularly replace and keep it up to date. You'll protect your systems from failing, when you usually would expect downtime. You can create a mobile working atmosphere which can benefit your workforce during a business disaster and recovery scenario. To talk to an advisor about cloud-based IT services please contact us today.

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