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Solving IT problems alongside Government bodies in the face of economic challenges is a typical brief for Centerprise staff. Improving the services delivered while maintaining (or even reducing) the cost associated with server performance can be controlled and managed with the help of Centerprise International.


Across a wide range of establishments, Central and Local Governments are responsible for a myriad of IT-intensive tasks like managing human resources, planning and modelling infrastructure, monitoring utilities or 'traffic' and maintaining public records. Finding the right server resources to manage such tasks become increasingly difficult, particularity when facing the growing data issues and selecting an accessible, yet secure, cloud based solution.


Central and Local Governments are particularly sensitive to challenging economic times. So how do you do more with less?


Implementing the right technology solutions can help you improve service delivery while operating within increasing cost constraints. IT departments in the public arena often work with outdated, inefficient systems, sometimes even decades old. Modernising your legacy and proprietary systems with scalable, standardised solutions can yield a significant return on investment (ROI) and a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in a number of ways:


  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced IT workloads, freeing staff for other projects
  • Faster data backup and recovery times
  • Fewer service interruptions
  • Improved infrastructure availability for 24/7 departments
  • Expanded public access
  • More agile workforce
  • Simplified procurement with vendor single-sourcing
  • Fewer future modifications due to upgrades and scalable solutions


For more than 3 decades, we’ve tackled just about every IT issue Governments could face. Contact one of our Government Account Managers today to learn how our solutions can help convert your IT operations from a cost centre to an agenda-enabler.

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