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Centerprise International has a long and successful history of designing, delivering and supporting end-to-end solutions for complex customer requirements. With over two decades of hardware design and delivery experience, we are able to mange large-scale data challenges, utilizing the latest technology stacks through our close vendor relationships. Our continued investment in development offers to deliver the best values solution for the customer's application - one that is reliable and includes the level of support that matches the requirement.

Our HPC Objective

The Centerprise HPC objective during the design phase is to maximize performance, stability and quality whilst delivering a system that is within budget and ongoing operation.

This goal is achieved by carefully selecting hardware components of the best quality and combining these with the best cluster management software on the market, such as Open source E4 HPC suite or commercial Bright Cluster Manager & Intel Orchestrator. Centerprise clusters are designed to be fault-tolerant with high availability configurations, such that their operation is independent of failed nodes, components or interconnects. The active/passive failover system uses a second master node which constantly monitors the activity of the primary master node


Our HPC Objective

With application development and support representing around 40-50% of IT budget (Gartner 2016), application benchmarking is an ideal method of identifying and assessing the productivity and cost-efficiency issues in solutions. Centerprise can take customer applications and deliver the optimal solution by utilising the latest technology and customising it to remove noncritical features, which thus drives the efficiency of equipment. Centerprise is ISO27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited, both of which testify to Centerprise’s assured expertise in the handling of client data.

Assessing current infrastructure is crucial in ensuring solution match against the aspirations of the organisation from sizing, power, cooling and interconnectivity. Centerprise HPC engineers have a wealth of experience to certify that the desirable solution will fit within the planned deployment environment.

Remote testing or on location equipment mitigates the risk of delivering incompatible or disruptive systems, which are not fit for purpose. Centerprise and its partners have operational systems for evaluation and testing both on location and remotely.

Centerprise’s architects are well-versed in industry standard design and implementation methodologies aligned to ITIL and TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) fundamentals, which allows us to provide services to our customers with minimal impact and maximum benefits. Using these industry standards, we have developed a delivery methodology framework that guides and governs the transition and support of our solutions and is applied to all projects, regardless of size. The objective of this methodology is to minimise business disruption and knowledge loss. Our approach is supported by well-defined gating criteria that, along with reusable templates and checklists, ensures a risk mitigated implementation and/or transition of services. The main phases of our delivery methodology are:

  • • Discovery
  • • Design
  • • Transition Planning
  • • Transition
  • • Live Service

Selecting the correct level of support and training is critical in order to maximise the expenditure of the IT budget on IT rather than services. In this way, highly-educated customers are able to build and maintain equipment with a relatively low support overhead. Centerprise’s Support Service is tailored to provide the best support service for HPC cluster solutions: We are dedicated to achieving full customer satisfaction and our support service frequently receives customer praise. With flexible, bespoke service packages, our customers are able to assign a Support & Warranty package with a high level of service to the mission-critical components, and a lower service level to the non-critical components, achieving an optimum balance of service versus cost. Centerprise also offers Professional Services Packs, which are a convenient and flexible way to further extend the scope of your existing support environment. Using a simple prepaid Pack system, credits can be used to provide on-demand access to a wealth of additional work packages and customised services, with the knowledge that such service costs have already been budgeted for.

  • • Deliver User & Technical training
  • • Enhance existing hardware and software support arrangements
  • • Bespoke, customised services
  • • Extend the scope of Managed Services

Centerprise would be pleased to create a bespoke Professional Services Pack to match your organisation's exact needs.

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