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FAQs | Is Platform as a Service easy to use?

The short answer is a resounding, yes. A great way to explain the answer more fully, is to look at the old models, and compare it to the newest.


One of the biggest barriers for service providers moving to the cloud with Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is that cloud solutions can be difficult to install, configure and manage.


OpenShift and OpenStack are Open Source solutions that take significant time to install and often need technology expertise to configure and manage. This  sparks many more questions, such as, which infrastructure software should you pick? Which Open Source distribution is current? - and which should you use? What plugins work with that distribution? - and how are they integrated?


Isn’t there a solution that “just works”, that:


  • is turnkey?
  • is designed for web hosting providers?
  • will integrate with my existing billing and management tools?


Centerprise’s PaaS provides all the software you need to get up and running in the cloud. You provide the hardware in “bare metal” configuration.  Centerprise provides everything else from the Operating System (OS), infrastructure, tools and management, billing integration, all the way to the Platform as a Service layer.


Installation and configuration in your environment takes hours with Jelastic, not months.

Call Centerprise today, and speak to the Systems Integration Team about your requirements and how Jelastic could work for you.

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