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FAQs | Is Platform as a Service more secure?

Yes, Platform as a Service has better security than shared hosting, and other PaaS Solutions.


In a shared hosting environment customer applications are compromised by definition. They run in one shared environment with other apps. What happens if one of those applications misbehaves and takes the system down? What happens if there is a server failure?


Even worse, what happens if there is a security breach?


Jelastic was the first commercially available PaaS to recognise the benefits of container technology. With containers, each application and its environment is isolated from the others. This provides a built-in mechanism for security. Applications that crash or misbehave are isolated to their container and do not affect other apps. Each container is controlled for scalability and resource consumption so applications do not consume all the resources on a given server. PaaS (uniquely) controls this migrating apps across servers when server resources begin to run short.


But don’t all virtualization solutions isolate applications? Can’t all PaaS solutions do this?


Well, no. Traditional virtualization solutions provide a complete OS environment to one or more applications, impacting security and making it very difficult to scale once a VM is full.


And not all PaaS solutions use containers. Even the ones that do probably require you to use a PaaS from one vendor and an Infrastructure (IaaS) form another.


How secure is that? Are the interfaces between the two vendors secure? Fully understood?  Optimized?  When Amazon changes the functionality of AWS does it notify all the PaaS vendors using the infrastructure? I think we all know the answer to that.


Only Centerprise provides the built-in security of a turnkey, rock-solid, integrated solution from the OS up. We pioneered the used of container technology in PaaS and the others followed our lead. Now the industry is talking about the benefits of integrating PaaS and IaaS. We are already there.

Call Centerprise today, and speak to the Systems Integration Team about your requirements and how Jelastic could work for you.

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