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FAQs | Is Platform as a Service scalable?

Yes, this service is totally scalable.


You’ve spent all that time acquiring a customer with a great application. That application is growing every day with more and more demand on resources. It’s a great situation, right?


Well, if you are running that application on shared hosting or VPS, it’s likely that you will spend a lot of resources managing scalability issues or your customer will have to self-manage and eventually get disillusioned with your solution.


With shared hosting you have to get bigger boxes, move applications off the server to make room, scale vertically until you try to convince that customer to move to a dedicated server.


With VPS, you or the customer might be able to vertically scale and even scale out to multiple servers, but it takes a lot of time, configuration effort, potential downtime of applications and stress.


With PaaS, the customer SELF-MANAGES their application environment including scale-up and scale-out parameters. They simply use the graphical user interface to define their application environment (app servers, load balancers, databases, IP addresses) and set scaling limits within a single server and across multiple servers.


After that, scaling happens AUTOMATICALLY, with no configuration or resizing by the customer or the service provider.

The application just scales and the customer can be billed for the new resource consumption automatically.

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