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IT Data Destruction

Data Destruction is an obligation that companies and organisations must meet to comply with several laws. To meet with current UK laws, most organisations have a data protection procedure to help them protect their data. Once the data is obsolete, or old enough to be useless to an organisation, how is it disposed of?


Simply hitting delete wont remove soft copy confidential data, since it will likely land in a recycling folder somewhere on your system. Deleting from your recycling systems still won't rid you of the data, since your devices usually hold a PC restore function to help you recover lost documents. So where has the data really gone? Is it still there? Can someone still access it? How can you find it and erase it?


What about hard copy data too? How are these erased safely and securely? Alongside specialist Partners, Centerprise ask these questions and help to ensure that data is securely erased, with no risk of a security breach or data recovery.


With our experienced and accredited Partners we can provide HMG approved secure data destruction on-site. This is mostly used for end-of-life data. This type of erasure process is particularly useful for organisations that have an obligation to hold personal or sensitive data that must be held for a number of years (usually starting after the last interaction between the data owner and the organisation holding it).


Automating soft copy confidential erasure processes is a popular choice, but regulated intervals of erasure are also requested by many clients. Regulating the destruction of hard copy documents are also take place regularly, but can be organised in less or more frequent intervals if required. Depending on the requirements of each individual, Centerprise will always tailor for your needs.


Access & Reporting


Restricted or limited access to tools and controls will be set as standard to secure your processes. Reports and relevant detail is needed to keep track of your erasure regimes, in order to fully comply with your policies and current UK legislation.

Audits & Updates


We'll make sure you have all the necessary audit reporting data you need to comply with your relevant IT security standards, and we'll be sure to recommend updates to your system and level of service where necessary, throughout your contract with us.

What level of erasure do you need? Have you decided how frequently you'll need to securely erase the data you hold? If you're asking the same questions we are, get in touch about our sensitive data erasure programs.


  • Flexible pick-up options
  • Separation and sorting
  • Proof of proper disposal
  • No use of landfills
  • Mobile shredder for on-site Destruction
  • Permit for the transport of electronic waste
  • EMEA-wide availability
  • Fast response times

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