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IT Ruggedisation

Ruggedising IT equipment is fast becoming a typical practice in every public and private sector. The need to be mobile in every single environment is essential in today's fast and busy world.


The purpose is to protect the hardware from the added risks the work environment poses and extend the life-span. Centerprise can help you to recognise the added life-span risk of your equipment and how best to prepare to deal with the elements around it, to improve the chances of survival in constantly changing scenarios.

Fully Understanding The Environment

Understanding your work environment is the key to effective equipment Ruggedisation. Centerprise make sure each environmental assessment clearly outlines the risks before the next step.


Designing Protection

Designing the protective shell of the IT equipment takes in to account all the identified risks of the environment, adding modifications such as ultimate durability, waterproofing, storage, size, weight & insulation.


Producing The Numbers

Once a design has been tested and agreed upon, the factory sets into full motion creating the components, then producing and quality testing the number of units required.


  • Hospital or GP Practices
  • Military & Defence Locations
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Laboratory Scenarios
  • Maritime & Sea Fairing
  • Schools & Universities
  • Aquariums
  • Flight & Aerospace

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