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Case Study | NATO ARRC

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Working in strong customer-collaboration with NATO ARRC, Centerprise designed and

delivered a Point of Presence (PoP) for NATO ARRC that meets the evolving challenges of current and future multinational or multi organisational operations.


NATO ARRC required a collaborative infrastructure across diverse user communities, services and multi-national boundaries, to enable rapid deployment. The protection of nationally caveated material was paramount, meaning an agile approach to design and support was needed.


Centerprise provided a deployable CIS including video conferencing, voice over IP, mobile clients, servers, switching and storage. A mission configuration virtualised server environment was also supplied, as well as a training and on site support package for the

duration of the agreement.


“Centerprise have been agile and flexible in their approach, providing excellent engineering design support, coupled with pragmatic and competent technical practitioners.”

Lt Col J R Knight MBE - Commanding Officer, NATO ARRC


The Centerprise Point of Presence (PoP) was designed and delivered in response to the evolving challenges of current and future operations allows multiple security domains to be created and scaled independently on a system.


The system is adaptable by design to tether and provide similar services away from the UK-NATO domain, enabling uptake of the system separately from the NATO ARRC implementation by other organisational units. Security domains can be added or removed, expanded or reduced, as required to meet the

needs of the mission.


The PoP has been developed in strong customer-collaboration with NATO ARRC to meet NATO and Mission standards. The system has current approval to operate from both technical and security authorities at Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and is in active use connected to SHAPE and mission

networks. The Mission element has current approvals to operate with a number of nations and mission networks, managed by ARRC G6.


Each security domain can be provisioned with a fully integrated ICS platform with laptop, IP telephony, video teleconferencing, office productivity including email, chat, Sharepoint and le services incorporating local servers to reduce or remove reliance on back-end communications.


Centerprise are a proven technology partner with a strong track-record of working in collaboration with the UK MoD to design and implement effective solutions to real problems. Each aspect of every

solution we deliver is fully tested and relates back to the challenges faced by those providing defence and security to the population.


This is the case at NATO ARRC, a highly capable multinational, NATO operational headquarters, fully ready for rapid deployment worldwide within ve to thirty days, with dedicated and integrated support to sustain and protect the headquarters once deployed.



Collaborative Command and Control is critical to modern military operations. Any undertaking must be co-ordinated between complex and diverse groups across divisional, service and multinational boundaries. Collaborative infrastructures need to be developed and deployed rapidly to form a single unified and focused team from the diverse parties involved in evolving operations.


Diverse groups each deploy with (or without) their own systems and infrastructures, and team building is hindered by:


  • a complex series of interoperability and national security challenges, many of which cannot be resolved within the timescales of the mission.


  • protection of mission, group, or nationally caveated materials, which may prevent interoperability completely.


  • the combined weight and logistics support chain of multiple interoperating systems.

“If I were to sum up my relationship with Centerprise, it would be to say that

they have truly been part of my team – from start to finish.”

Lt Col J R Knight MBE - Commanding Officer, NATO ARRC

As an agile, forward thinking company, Centerprise are able to respond to the ever-changing demands presented by the MoD. Having been a supplier to the MoD for over twenty years, Centerprise have built a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust and confidence, helping to deliver innovative solutions that solve mission critical problems.


Further enhancements include NATO applications (Command & Control, Mapping, Logistics) hosting and Intelligence (Image Reference Library, Shared Intel Databases & Fusion, Biometrics databases) packages.


The system has been developed in collaboration with military users, and is ready- to-go for new and evolving requirements.

Modern operations are, by necessity, multinational or multi organisational undertakings. The growing complexities of the mission environment, coupled with diverse teaming, create a significant challenge for command and control.


This system creates a single low-risk infrastructure that can be deployed to all of these users, enabling complex coalitions of nations and organisations to remain focused on the mission goal. This is accomplished through a team-centric, un-encumbered, collaborative environment for command and control.


Virtualised server infrastructure can support a wide range of applications centrally or locally. The system can be effectively moulded to the needs of the situation or coalition, and scales to meet evolving requirements. The overall hardware build is significantly smaller, lighter and more efficient, than multiple heavier national or organisational independent systems.

Whilst the future information for the NATO ARRC project remains classified, Centerprise will continue to support the team at NATO ARRC, which is only possible due to the outstanding technical knowledge of the Centerprise team.


As a long-standing supplier to the MoD, Centerprise have proven time and time again that they are a partner for the long-term.

“Centerprise has supported me superbly throughout,

including their outstanding back office team.”

Lt Col J R Knight MBE - Commanding Officer, NATO ARRC

  • Multiple security domains


  • Savings in physical footprint, transport weight and the fuel due to efficient design


  • Reduced support and maintenance costs


  • Scalable- Interoperability with future systems
  • Deployable CIS including Video Teleconferencing, Voice Over IP, mobile clients, servers, switching and storage


  • Mission configuration virtualised server environment


  • Training and on site support package

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