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FAQs | What tools would I use for Platform as a Service?

Platform as a Service has much easier management tools than VPS.


Want to manage your own solution from the ground up? How much time and resource are you spending managing VPS and shared hosting for your customers? How much time is spent updating packages, applying security patches and configuring systems?  What about reconfiguring users as they grow?


The promise of the cloud is simplicity and efficiency, and the DevOps trend encourages a segregated management approach where IT/operations (the hosting provider) manages the infrastructure, security, compliance, tools and the developer self-manages the application environment. iPaaS fully enables this approach.

Call Centerprise today, and speak to the Systems Integration Team about your requirements and how Jelastic could work for you.

The developer dashboard provides all the tools to configure and deploy an application in the cloud via a simple GUI (there is also an API for programmatic access to these features).


Pick you favorite app server. Add a database if required. Set your limits for vertical and horizontal scaling (if multiple instances are required load balancers will be automatically configured) and you are ready to go.


For the service provider, there is a management GUI (Centerprise Cluster Admin) that provides all the features required for you to setup, configure and manage the cluster of servers that deliver the cloud. Manage servers, users, billing and analytics using this tool.


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