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We are proud of the quality of services we can deliver. We place the quality of our services at the top of our business plan priorities. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible and operate in a an environment that enables us to do so.


These systems take the form of company goals, improvement and day to day operations, all in accordance with our quality management system and certification ISO 9001:2008.


Centerprise International Limited is committed to operating a quality management system which helps us to deliver proposed objectives and the quality needs of everyone involved in working with Centerprise. Our goals are set annually, produced and measured over the year by our outstanding staff members, in order to make sure our aims are met.


We are always due diligent in continuing to improve on our products and services, and are always open to staff helping in any areas they can, and reporting on areas they feel can be improved. This is written directly into our quality policy, which drives the core of our quality principles.


It states: ‘The quality system is constantly under regular review and audit. All employees of Centerprise International Limited are invited to suggest possible improvements in working practice to the quality manager or the Managing Director.’


Centerprise International Downloadable Quality Policy

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This document is for informational purposes only, to communicate the quality policy of Centerprise.

This document will be updated annually, in accordance with our full quality management system plans.


For more information regarding our quality management systems, please contact us.

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Centerprise Quality Mission Statement

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